October 2009

1 10 2009


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  Special points of interest this month:

  • We’ll be at the Lake Island Bldg. for our Tues., Oct. 20th meeting!
  • Jack Molisani will be our Oct. presenter!
  • Tom Johnson presents on Thurs., Nov. 5!
  • We’re having a “thanks” dinner—join us on Tues., Nov. 17!

President’s Corner

1 10 2009

by Kelli Pharo
STC Orlando Chapter President 


 Happy Fall, Y’all!

 Our 2009/2010 chapter year is well under way.

 In August we enjoyed an enlightening presentation from our own Daniel Beck, and in September we welcomed back one of our favorite annual programs— Washlines! This year’s theme: Gone With the Wind in Atlanta. I know I had a great time hosting the Atlanta Orthopedic table—you all remember that from the movie, right?

We are so excited about our programs this fall.

Kelli with pet goat, Roscoe

Kelli with pet goat, Roscoe

This month we’ll have a special guest, Jack Molisani from ProSpring Staffing and LavaCon fame. He’ll be presenting to us on The 10 Mistakes Writers Make When Looking for Work. Please make note that we will not be in our regular room this month. In fact, we won’t even be in the same building. We’ll still be at a Winter Park Civic Center building—but it’s just up the road from our normal meeting location. We’ll be at the Lake Island Bldg. at 450 Harper St (same as WPCC) behind Burger King. This is a one-time change due to room scheduling conflicts.

And in November we have an extra special month planned. First of all we are so happy to welcome special guest speaker, Tom Johnson. You may know Tom if you’ve been around STC a while. He was formerly the Tampa Chapter president and is known as the blog/podcast guru. He’s bringing us a special presentation on both blogging and podcasting. You won’t want to miss this one, folks.

Last year’s High School Writing Awards banquet

Last year’s High School Writing Awards banquet

Jaffee Award

Last year’s Jaffe Technical Communicator Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Dr. Dan Jones (right) with Gloria Jaffe (left) and Jaffe Award Committee Chair Dan Heath.

And for those of you who have been unable to attend our Tuesday night meetings Tom’s presentation will be on the first Thursday night in November.  That’s right, our regular chapter meeting will be held November 5th, the first Thursday of the month.

But don’t despair if you are a 3rd-Tuesday regular. We’ll have a special event just for you.  On November 17,  join us for a “thanks” dinner.  The Chapter will be sponsoring appetizers that evening to accompany whatever entrée you purchase.  Join us for a time of networking, giving thanks, and just some good-ol’ socializing. More info on the location, etc. coming soon.


This month’s program…

1 10 2009

The Top 10 Mistakes Writers Make When Looking for Work

Jack Molisani2

Jack Molisani

Have you ever submitted a resume for a position but weren’t called for an interview? Or interviewed for a position you wanted but didn’t get? Chances are you made one or more mistakes that scuttled your chance of landing the job.

At our October meeting, professional recruiter, Jack Molisani, will discuss the top 10 mistakes writers make when looking for work (whether contract, permanent or outsource) with proactive tips on how to avoid these pitfalls and increase your chances of landing that next job or contract.

Want (or need) a new job? Don’t miss our October meeting!

About the Presenter

Jack Molisani started his career as project officer in the Space Division of the US Air Force and is currently the president of ProSpring Technical Staffing, an employment agency specializing in engineers and technical writers: www.ProspringStaffing.com.

Jack also produces The LavaCon Conference on Professional Development. The seventh annual LavaCon will be held October 25-27, 2009, in New Orleans: www.lavacon.org.

Jack will be raffling off a free entrance to LavaCon at the meeting, so be sure to bring your business card for the drawing!

Next month’s program…

1 10 2009

“I’d Rather Be Writing” Author Comes to Orlando STC

Tom Johnson is a senior technical writer for a nonprofit organization in Salt Lake City Utah, where he creates online help, video tutorials, and quick reference guides.

He also writes an active blog focused on technical communication at idratherbewriting.com.

As part of his blog, he regularly records and publishes podcasts, often interviewing tech writing luminaries around the world.

In addition, he maintains the technical communication newsgroup at Publish2 and does WordPress consulting.

Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson

Tom will be joining us this November as our special guest speaker. He will be presenting on both podcasting and blogging.

And for the month of November we will be moving our program night to the first Thursday, instead of the usual third Tuesday. We hope this is helpful for those who have been unable to attend on Tuesdays.

Regular Tuesday attenders don’t despair. We’ll be having a special dinner of Thanks on the third Tuesday. More info coming soon.

We will be sending out more information on all of these important events soon. Be sure to check your email.

If you are not receiving STC Orlando email announcements please contact our listserv manager, W.C. Wiese at listservmgr@stcorlando.org, and ask him to add you to the list.

Feature: What is FTC?

1 10 2009

by Kelli Pharo

Perhaps from time to time you’ve heard us mention FTC. If you’ve been wondering about this acronym and who this illustrious group of people may be—introductions are in order.

FTC stands for Future Technical Communicators. This is a student organization of University of Central Florida students who are studying for careers in or have an interest in technical communications.

The group works closely with our STC Orlando Chapter in a variety of ways.

These students make up half of our professional-to-student Chapter mentoring program. Many of the these students serve on our Administrative Council committees. And some of our professional chapter members have been known to present programs at FTC events.

If you are a student interested in more information about FTC, contact Terry Leach, FTC President, at president@ftc.com.


FTC Officers (L to R top row): Terry Leach—President, Dana Hratko—Vice-President, Tanisha Gabriel—Treasurer, Aaimee Maestre-Secretary, (L to R bottom row) Patricia Noelle Cruz—Historian, SaulPacheco—Webmaster

FTC Officers (L to R top row): Terry Leach—President, Dana Hratko—Vice-President, Tanisha Gabriel—Treasurer, Aaimee Maestre-Secretary, (L to R bottom row) Patricia Noelle Cruz—Historian, SaulPacheco—Webmaster

Tool Tips

1 10 2009

by David Coverston

David Coverston

Someone posted a question this week on one of the mailing lists I subscribe to, asking how to rename a group of files. Of course it wasn’t a simple file renaming task; it involved removing letters in the middle of the file name and replacing them with numbers.

So, I fired off an email to the inquirer and told her about the tool I use: Bulk Rename Utility. It works great, and the price can’t be beat: free! 

Let’s get started by going to http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk  and downloading the BRU_Setup_WinNTx86.exe file. This version works with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2008, 2000, and NT. There’s also a version for 64-bit Windows as well. 
You can download a PDF version of the user manual while you are there, although the help file that installs with the application contains the same information. Double-click the file to run the installation routine. Click through the Setup, the License Agreement, the Set Destination Location, and Select Start Menu, dialog boxes.

In the Select Additional Tasks, I recommend choosing the Install Windows Explorer Extension. This adds the Bulk Rename Utility to the Explorer context menu, which is where you probably do most of your file management chores anyway.

Click OK on the Ready to Install dialog box and you are ready to go.

After the installation, you can run the program from the Programs menu, or by right-clicking a file in the Explorer window (assuming you followed my advice and installed the extension).

Meet your leaders

1 10 2009


The STC Orlando 2009/2010 Administrative Council

L to R, top to bottom (in no particular order): Kelli Pharo, President; Dalton Hooper, Vice President and Newsletter Editor;

L to R, top to bottom (in no particular order): Kelli Pharo, President; Dalton Hooper, Vice President and Newsletter Editor; Cindy Skawinski, Secretary and Education Committee Chair; Mark Wray, Treasurer; Erika Higgins, Immediate Past President, Nominating Committee Chair, and Technology Committee; Gail Lippincott, Rising Stars Manager, Chapter Historian, and Hospitality Manager; Michele Damron, Community Achievement Award Chair; Peggy Bivins, Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Chair; Alex Garcia, Jaffe Award Committee Chair; David Coverston, Membership Manager; Jon Kessler, Web Master and High School Writing Competition Committee Chair; Dan Heath, Mentoring Program Manager; Dan Voss, Education Committee and Mentoring Liaison; W.C. Wiese, Active Member Manager and Listserv Administrator; Karen Lane, Employment Manager