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11 08 2011

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11 08 2011
Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia

Hello friends and members of the Orlando Chapter STC!

August officially kicks off our chapter year, programwise, and we are kicking it off with a rush—a gold rush that is!

On August 16th, at the Winter Park Civic Center, Orlando Chapter STC proudly presents Washlines XVII: “California, There We Went.” This one night mini-conference brings the best “nuggets” of information gold back from the STC Summit in Sacramento to Orlando. Networking and refreshments at 6:3o PM, program at 7:00 PM.

  • STC Members $10.00
  • STC Student Members $5.00
  • “Not yet” Regular members $20.00
  • “Not yet” Student members $10.00
  • First timers and presenters are free (email David Coverston @ for more information about the first timer’s coupon).

Please RSVP to Debra Johnson @

This special issue of Memo to Members will be devoted exclusively to Washlines, with a word (or 1,000) from the coordinator, Dan Voss, a user-friendly program matrix, and a preview of some of the programs available. Until next month, when we resume our “normal” programming, find all the gold you can at Washlines!

Alex Garcia
Orlando Chapter STC Memo to Members

August 16: Don’t Miss the “Gold Rush”

11 08 2011

Dan Voss

Come to Washlines XVII—“California, There We Went”:
Pan for Nuggets to Enrich Your Professional Development

By Dan Voss


Over the years, the traditional Washlines event has opened the STC-Orlando chapter year by conveying information on our profession gathered at the Society’s annual international conference in a lively “mini-conference” format that has, over the years, varied from speaker panels to progression tables.

In fitting with the Sacramento venue for last May’s 58th annual STC international conference, our theme this year is keyed to California in general and Sacramento in particular.  Fittingly, Washlines XVII—can you believe this is the 17th incarnation of Washlines?!—offers a gold mine of information at a fraction of the cost of attending the conference itself.


So mark your calendars and be sure to be in “Sacramento Southeast” (a.k.a., Winter Park Civic Center) Tuesday, August 16, at 6:30 p.m. to partake in the fun and the sharing of information—not to mention cleverly themed refreshments.

Following the usual social networking time and a brief business meeting, eight chapter members who attended the 58th annual international STC conference in Sacramento in May (and one who didn’t but was supposed to!) will bring you a full-blown mini-conference in a unique format that is 50% progression, 50% North Central California ambiance—and 110% fun.

The format is designed to simulate a realistic conference experience—including the sometimes vexing challenge of selecting the selections you attend from a staggering array of fascinating and informational alternatives.

Eight “California, There We Went”-themed progression tables will offer you the opportunity to choose from 18 mini-presentations covering a wide range of subject areas within technical communication (see box).

The complete program is published in this edition of Memo to Members and will also be available as a printed handout at the event.  A word of warning, however—choose now (with first and second choices for each rotation), because the mini-conference, just like the real thing, will fly past you at a dizzying pace.

Five or six venues will be open in each of three 25-minute rotations; two or three will be closed, thereby allowing the table hosts to take a break and attend one rotation at another venue so they can acquire as well as share conference information.

In addition to choosing which three venues you are going to visit, you will also be faced with a smorgasbord of choices at many of the tables. The number of topics at the venues ranges from 1 to 4, and the level of possible treatment varies from brief summaries to in-depth presentations, based on the number of topics on the menu as well as the audience’s preferences.  Each rotation at each venue will be different, but all with well-prepared material and some with valuable handouts to boot.

At three of the venues, the host or hostesses are offering a reprise of sessions they presented in Dallas; another is offering unique leadership insights from within the STC Board of Directors.  The remaining four tables will offer information gleaned from a broad range of technical sessions at the conference.

Without any doubt, Washlines XVII has something for everybody!

Your table hosts will be competing vigorously for your attendance by offering not only information, experience, and handouts, but also a wide range of trinkets, goodies, and other bribes to lure you unabashedly to their venues.

We literally do not know exactly what will happen at Washlines XVII until it happens (just as in the previous 16 Washlines sessions), but we do know this—it will be richly varied, vastly informative, thoroughly entertaining, probably quite loud, and unquestionably a whole lot of fun!

Washlines XVII Program Matrix

11 08 2011

Washlines XVII: “California, There We Went”

Tuesday, August 16, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Winter Park Civic Center

R1 = Rotation 1 (7:25-7:50)     R2 = Rotation 2 (7:50-8:15)
R3 = Rotation 3 (8:15-8:40)     C = Closed        O = Open

Washlines XVII Program Matrix (Click to Enlarge)

The Print-quality program matrix, which will be distributed at Washlines, is available at the following link for your highlighting pleasure:  

(PDF Reading Software Required)

Washlines Venue and Topic Highlights

11 08 2011

Here is a preview of what  you can expect at Washlines XVII:

Venue: Sierra Nevada Brewery (GREEN)
Host: Karen Lane

Venue: California Legislature (Tan)
Host: WC Wiese

Venue: Old Sacramento (Tower Bridge Yellow)
Host: Patricia Cruz

Venue: Burgundy
Hosts: Dan Voss and Sarah Baca